Denis Paperno

Denis Paperno Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Trento, participant of the COMPOSES project. PhD in Linguistics, UCLA


contact: "last name" at ucla dot edu.


Formal semantics
Computational Linguistics
Field Linguistics
African languages
Finno-Ugric languages
Philosophy of language
Formal language theory

Research projects

Syntax and Semantics of Coordination

Dissertation Abstract; Full Dissertation
(with Rui Chaves) On the Russian Hybrid Coordination Construction

Quantifiers in Russian

Article for the Handbook of Quantifiers in Natural language (pre-print version).
Negative concord items in Russian (abstract of the paper presented at the 5th Slavic Linguistics Society meeting)

Computational and mathematical ideas in linguistics

A note on invariance of grammatical categories (to appear in Graf et al. (eds.) Papers in Honor of Ed Keenan)
Learnable classes of quantifiers: two persectives
Observations on complexity and expressive power of laguages (abstract of the paper to be presented at the Workshop on Formal Linguistics and the Measurement of Grammatical Complexity)

South Mande Languages

Summary of my MSU Thesis on the basic syntax of Beng
Beng dialects. An updated version of
Paperno, Denis. Parlers décrits par Tauxier et Delafosse et le Beng moderne de Ouassadougou. In: Mande languages and linguistics. 2nd International Conference, St. Petersburg (Russia), September 15-17, 2008. Abstracts and Papers. V.Vydrin (ed.). St. Petersburg, 2008, pp. 113-120.
On Gbin language. (presented at the 3rd Congress on Mande language family, Paris)
Grammatical sketch of Beng (in Russian)
Preliminary notes on Gbin language (in Russian, published in Le monde Mande: collected papers in honor of Valentin Vydrine).